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Founder and Head Coach

Rob Basydlo, MS, FCS, CSSN, ISSA, PFT, PC

Rob has a life long commitment to health and wellness.  Upon earning a Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Michigan in Family and Consumer Sciences, he embarked on a more than 25 year career as a Health and Wellness Educator.  He was instrumental in developing and updating a nutrition curriculum that continues to be used in several high schools in Michigan.  Recognizing knowledge is core, Rob followed up his BS with a Master's of Science, with an emphasis in Nutrition.  He earned national credentialing through ISSA as a Certified Sports Nutritionist. He continues to stay abreast of relevant health research by regularly participating in continuing education.  He believes that nutrition education, not magic powder or fad diets, leads to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing the quality of life.  He has supported many clients with weight loss and maintenance and proper fueling for active lifestyles.  

Rob, a certified MITCA Track and Field coach for 24 years, has more than 500 hours of continuing education focusing on form, fitness, injury prevention, and maximizing performance.  His experience in working with more than 1,500 athletes provides him with the experience to assess individuals and to draw from best practices to modify and apply endurance training that helps to meet client goals.  

Rob not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  He regularly competes in endurance events, from the 5k to the Marathon.  He qualified for the Boston Marathon in his debut marathon run.  He also enjoys cycling and swimming, which supports his participation in triathlons.  He enjoys sharing his passion for health with his family.  His wife, Jill, regularly participates in local foot races and triathlons, his daughters are active is high school cross country, basketball, and track and field.  Even the family dog runs.  ​

Services offered at RJB

Run Coaching and Plans

Gait analysis

Sports Nutrition counseling and planning

Nutrition counseling and planning

Nutrition education seminars

Personal Training

Motivational Seminars

Lunch and Learns for corporations

Wellness Seminars


Your overall HEALTH is Our PRIORITY

Time to dial in your Nutrition that coordinates with your activity level. Time to dial in your activity level to improve your health.                   

Time to write the new story of your healthy journey.


Courses Provided by RJB

8 or 10 Week “Stop the Madness” Campaign,

 These 8-10 one-hour sessions are designed to teach participants everything about nutrition that is possible. Each nutrient will be discussed in a session in great detail. Portion control, time of day eating, rule of four, 5/5 rule, metabolism, weight loss, weight gain, additives and fluid intake will all be discussed. Depending on clients needs, body fat Analysis and diet analysis can also be done. All sessions are supported by PowerPoint presentations. 

“Stop the Madness” can also be placed into a one-day seminar format. It would be an interactive seminar format and not a straight lecture format. Contact for Pricing

4 Week courses “Stop the Madness” Campaign,

These 4 one-hour sessions are designed to give a condensed version of the 8-10 week courses. Highlighting the nutrients, portion control, rule of 4, 5/5 rule, metabolism, weight loss, weight gain.  Contact for Pricing

Individual Session 1: The Nutrients Quick Hit:

This class is designed for a condensed hour session that covers the basics of nutrition.The six nutrients will be discussed, the good and bad of each. The basics on amounts that we need of each nutrient. Time of day eating, portion control and some problems with the great American diet will be added. Time constraints may limit some information. 

2: Metabolism and weight gain and loss

This class is designed for a one-hour session that teaches about the “Great Metabolism.”This session will include an explanation of what it is, how it works and what influences it. How metabolism changes as your overall health improves and what adjustments need to be made are discussed. How does weight loss and gain actually occur, and some basic strategies on how to achieve goals are discussed. Also, the secret is revealed as to why many fail after initial weight loss has occurred and a plateau is reached. 

3: Menopause: The changing diet to deal with the changing body

 This class is a one-hour session that discusses how the changing cycle of the female body will force some very critical dietary changes. Foods that will need to be avoided and altered are explored as well as caloric intake. Learning to feed the body differently and lifestyle changes are offered in this hour. 

4: Sports Nutrition: Endurance Fueling

This class is a one-hour session that always stretches into 1.5 hours. The course teaches endurance athletes about proper fueling for long activities. Topics in the session are Carb- loading, Glycemic Index and Load, Blood Sugar Levels and fat burning. Participants are taught how time of food consumption effects performance. Besides fueling, fluid consumption is also addressed and formulas are given on how to dial in your diet for better performance. 

5: Sports Nutrition: Muscle Fueling

This class is a one-hour session designed to teach athletes who are more into strength and speed activities. What types of foods should they eat to increase muscle mass safely and successfully.Athletes will also learn how to manage calories so muscle mass is not affected by adipose tissue increase. Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat ratio intake is discussed as well. Explanation is given on how to manage Amino Acid intake for muscle recovery and development. 

6: Food Experiment: Your current Diet

This session’s length is determined on the number of participants. Participants will need to bring in a three day food log of their own. They will be taught how to completely analyze their own diet and make assessments from that. They will be taught on what to improve upon and what is headed in the right direction. 

7: Body Fat Analysis

This session’s length is determined by the number of participants. Participants will have their body fat measured with Calibers. They will be taught how to figure their percent and what it means. The participants will then be taught on how to manage their body fat and how to adjust it. Wholesome eating will be taught vs. gimmicks and powders. Participants will need to wear t-shirts and shorts for body fat analysis. 

8: Nutrition and Our Children

This class teaches parents how to properly feed the growing needs of our children. Topics will include, Starving today—won’t eat tomorrow, what sugar does to our children. Caloric needs of children will be discussed as well. The truth will be told about many of the foods your children eat today. A must for all parents. 

9: Stress Management

This one-hour session teaches participants to recognize and learn to control the factors that cause stress in their lives. As stress is part of the big three causes of Heart Attacks today it is extremely important that folks learn to manage their stressors and control what can be. Participants will learn how to organize themselves, decompress, and how to control stress as it builds in the body. This is an interactive session. 

10: Wellness Development & Management

This session is designed to put every thing together. Nutrition, Physical fitness, stress management and time management. The length of the session will depend on the number of participants. 

Run Coaching Services

Start of the Journey

Before we give you running plans we start with a running form and gait analysis. 

Step 2 is One hour of Personal Training

Post form evaluation, the client gets one hour of Personal Training to learn all the exercises we need to do to get stronger and stay healthy. 

Step 3 Learning your plyometric box

Each client receives a Plyometric box at the start of their plans. This tool comes with a list and a video of all the exercises RJB wants clients doing to increase strength and help to stay healthy.  

Step 4 RJB Clothing time

Sizing of Jersey and Shirt time. 

Personalized Running Plans

Our running plans are personalized to each individuals goals and needs. We have certain philosophies, however we fine tune plans to the clients needs. 

Endurance Fueling Plan

Clients are provided information on how to fine tune their endurance fueling. Clients have access to a Sports Nutrition Specialist who is also an active runner. All questions are answered.

Coaching Fees

Through Education and Guidance, we can help you write the best story of you ever.

Products for Sale


Custom RJB Jerseys, be seen in your race. Racer back and light weight material. 

Price: $45 plus shipping and tax

Regular Short Sleeve Shirts

Short Sleeve Black shirts made of Tech material.  

Price: $20 plus shipping and tax

Plyometric Boxes

Get your custom Plyometric box to help take your training to the next level in your own living room. Box comes with access to workout video and list of exercises.

2 different sizes. 

12"   Price:  $50  plus shipping 

15"   Price:  $60  plus shipping 

Custom Medal Holders

Make that special race even more special. Let us make you a custom Medal rack that enshrines your awesome race bib. These are custom built just for your needs. 

Prices will vary based on wants.

Contact us for pricing.

Special race memory with custom wording

Take that absolute special race and lets make it last forever. We can custom a saying for you. Mount your bib and medal all in one spot. 

Pricing: Contact for a Quote

RJB accomplishments at a glance

Race accomplishments

Boston Qualifiers
Tendai T 3 x's
Mary A   6 x's
Dave G  6 x's
Rob B    4 x's
Teresa C first
Brandy R first
Dave B    first
Kelly V   2 x's
Mike:      first

Jill:         first

Jack:      first

Mike C:  first

Laura:    first

Mike C. Phoenix  3:20 marathon

Laura N. Phoenix 3:28

Chelsea Grand Rapids. 3:29:44 marathon.  20+ minute PR

Beatriz Qualifies at Monumental   3:32 marathon....

Biggest PR:
Kathryn:  70 minutes off of her marathon time.
Brandy: 50 minutes off of her marathon
Laura: 30 minutes of her marathon time
Tendai: 2 minutes per mile faster now
Jennifer has completed 9 marathons in         

     3 years  and has taken 60 minutes 

     off of her time 

5k Pr's:
55 clients have run Pr's

 10k Pr's
45 clients have run Pr's

Half marathon Pr's:
35 clients have run Pr's

Marathon Pr's:
31 clients have run Pr's

10 clients have run Pr's


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A few Testimonals


Client Testimonials

RJB Fitness and Nutrition Consulting is excited to be involved in assisting groups and individuals as they work to better themselves.  Our clients regularly share with us how key we have been in making a difference through our support and coaching.  

Mike M.

I gave Rob the impossible task of providing me with a Marathon Training Program that would help get me qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Rob did a thorough assessment and came up with a great plan.  He was there to make sure I was following it, and always monitored my progress.  He added exercises [beyond running] and made sure my health was priority.  I am thankful to say I made the right choice and I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come.  

Jane F.  

I needed guidance on how to incorporate healthy eating choices to support my family's busy, active lifestyle.  After logging everything we ate for 3 days, Rob met with me to go over the log, identifying what I was doing well and what I needed to change.  He gave me nutrition advice and took the time to answer all of my questions.  Even after the first month, he is still readily available to answer my questions.  For example, I can take a picture of a food label and send it to him, and he responds quickly with practical advice on the quality of the food.  

Worksite Wellness Testimonials

RJB Fitness and Nutrition Consulting is excited to be involved in assisting worksite wellness teams in providing valuable information about healthy lifestyles and nutrition to employees.  Our clients regularly share with us how key we have been in making a difference through group instruction. 

Drew Merrill

CHEP Pallecon Solutions, a division of Brambles recently implemented a worksite wellness program for its Livonia, Michigan location. We recognize that an enjoyable, healthy life depends on the well-being of our employees and their families.  Investing in their health will ultimately lower health costs and provide employee engagement.  The vision of this program was to provide nutritional information and to give our team the knowledge to help them make healthier choices.  We were referred to Rob Basydlo of RJB Fitness and Nutrition Counseling by one of our employees.  Upon speaking with him, we knew immediately that he would be the perfect fit for what we were looking for.  Rob was easy to work with as we customized a program for our employees.  He presented valuable information to our work family in regards to living a healthy lifestyle including nutrition and physical fitness.  His sense of humor, high energy, and targeted content kept the team highly engaged.  We truly appreciate all that Rob has done over the last few months and feel that it will have a lasting impact on the employees and their families. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob and RJB Fitness for any company considering employing his expertise in their company’s wellness initiatives.

Maribeth C.

I shared all I learned with my hubby and we are trying to put into practice some of the great bits of knowledge shared with us.  Rob's energy and passion for a healthy lifestyle are contagious -- which is exactly what everyone needs to see and hear!!

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